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Retreat Soul Farm

near Barcelona
Oct 3 - Oct 6, 2024 

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Build A Strong Resilient Foundation and revitilize 

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves?

We live in turbulent times, and many struggle to pause. It can be your family, your friends, or your organization that stresses you out.

It is likely that whatever function you are at, people look to you for leadership! For signs of strength and resilience!

...Whether it is inflation, struggling tech companies, startup building, tough health or family situations, silent quitting, or political unrest. We all go through seasons.

Sometimes, you need to slow down to notice...

To serve, you have to build yourself up! And what got you here will not get you to the new stage.

You have to trust yourself, and trust, then others can trust you. Often, this requires to slow down and hear how others do it...at times, it can be very frustrating because we strive alone.

But you should not give up and surrender. That is the opposite of resilience! You have a mission in front of you, and it is exciting; get ready to explore more about yourself...We can help you to discover what those objectives might be...

Progress Not Perfection?

 Sometimes, you might feel frustrated and often defeated. You try to work long hours and put a lot of effort into the work. You focus on perfection because you think that is your safety net until you get laid off and passed for promotion.

Sometimes, we forget that perfection is the enemy of progress. So, if you read this, it is time to get inspired and take a new journey! What do you think?

Resilience is this magical superpower that helps you recognize when you need to admit, that what has worked for you will not anymore.

So, let us discover how you could reignite your progress again, shall we?

And the cool thing is, you do not have to do that alone...But with other cool professionals and like-minded strivers.

During the 3 days, you will have time to calm down, recharge, and find a new wind. The retreat's location is near Barcelona, Spain, in the wine region, full of tranquility.


Your Guides and Ninjas

You will feel pampered, taken care of, and gently nudged by the leading trainers, Deb and Mateo, and the guest trainers, Dean and Kate. You will rejuvenate with nourishing food, community, music, and discovery.

In the three days of activities and workshops, it is time to disconnect, and you will be able to reconnect with your inner leader.

We all have to learn to slow down to be able to go fast again. Deb and Mateo will share their mantra, ' The way of the turtle.'

With tools, resources, presentations, group work, and workshops, you can let go once again.

Are you ready to meet the team?

Debora Gemmell

Lead Coach

A Leadership and Success Mindset Life Coach (30+ years experience). Deb has worked for Universal Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox and is now one of the top coaches in Canada.

Deb is an incredible human being helping achievers slow down and get in touch with themselves again. Coaching with her is profound and leaves you touched and changed for life.

Deb coaches Executives, Creatives, and Coaches, including runway models, fashion designers, CEOs, and leaders who are ready to make a change. Deb brings her gentle way and guides you to your answers. Deb lives in Toronto, Canada.

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Mateo Melichar

Lead Coach

Performance Leader, Fitness and Health Mentor, and conversationalist (18+ years of corporate and startup experience). Mateo has worked for DAC Group and intive marketing and e-commerce leading agencies.

Mateo is a positive radiator who creates various energy, positivity, and resilience programs. He likes to bring people together around different communities and gatherings.

Mateo is a European citizen who lived in the Netherlands and Spain and now lives in Germany with his partner, Kate. Mateo enjoys optimizing his longevity through freediving and eating good food.

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Dean Smith

Guest Coach

CEO, Executive & Consultant (30+ years) experience.  Dean has helped global companies transform, like Zurich Insurance, helped companies raise capital, and trained NATO in fraud management.

Dean is a rare-to-find high performer who advises companies and helps them scale. He has endless experience in the telco world and has been an acting CEO a few times and an all-around founder, master of operations, and board member.

Dean is funny, and spending time with him is a great experience. You can always know to have a great discussion. He lives with his family - his wife and two kids near Barcelona.

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Kate White

Guest Coach

Freediver, Yoga, Fitness Coach, and Change Manager. Kate loves sports and competed in WBFF Bikini Fitness. She has a green belt in JiuJitsu.

Passionate about exploring the depths of both the ocean and the mind, Kate is a dedicated practitioner of freediving, yoga, and fitness.

With a deep appreciation for the harmony between body and breath, she is a big supporter of holistic well-being. Kate empowers others to discover their inner strength and resilience, using some easy breathing techniques for every day, be more relax and enjoy life to the fullest.

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What awaits you?

During this 3-day leadership retreat, you will re-ignite your energy and passion for life with your guides and teachers Debora and Mateo.

You will learn new tools, how to cope with perfection, manage energy, and improve your resilience.

You will meet others with a similar desire to live a better life and realize you are capable of all you aspire to be.

You will experience gentle yet transformative learning and connect with our community through leadership workshops, pottery, wine excursions, bonfires, and life-changing conversations.

After this weekend, not only will you feel like you gained new friends, but you will also have learned tools to overcome perfection and take care of yourself to be the version of yourself.




You will enjoy

  • Community connecting and making new friends with people on a similar path
  • Personal growth workshops on various topics from industry¬†high-performers
  • Nourishing food
  • Bonfires and music from local up-and-coming artists
  • Wine excursion
  • Breath-work¬†and light stretches
  • Pottery creation and all the insights that¬†come¬†from doing this (it is far more than you realize if you are a first-timer)
  • And lots of laughs!¬†
  • Connect, Rejuvenate, and Relax¬†
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Location & Accomodation

Mas els Igols is a traditional 18th-century Catalan farmhouse transformed into a beautiful art-filled retreat and holiday home for 15 people‚ÄĒan oasis-like estate surrounded by the P√®nedes vineyards near Barcelona.¬†

Switch on your senses in this quieter-situated Masia, which breathes warmth and understated luxury. We invite you to ‚ÄėLive Light‚Äô and unwind; sit back and come to yourself in the lushness of this rural setting.


Early Registration


Runs out on April 15, 2024


  • 3-day accommodation
  • Full pension-tailored¬†food and snacks
  • Pottery workshop and wine tasting
  • Daily masterclasses and group workshops
  • According to ¬ß 19 UStG no VAT is charged

Regular Registration


Runs out on June 20, 2024


  • 3-day accommodation
  • Full pension-tailored¬†food and snacks
  • Pottery workshop and wine tasting
  • Daily masterclasses and group workshops
  • According to ¬ß 19 UStG no VAT is charged



Add-on to either package


  • Play full out and maximize your experience by adding a private one-on-one coaching session with Mateo and Debora.
  • In this tailored session, you will discover more about yourself and what stands in your way.
  • ¬†Together, we will lay the foundations for the next best step.
  • According to ¬ß 19 UStG no VAT is charged

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