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In the post-pandemic chaos, tech lay-offs, and silent quitting, you must return to the beginning and strengthen your and your team's foundation.

In times of high inflation, economic country unrest, and regional wars, we must return to what we know. Change can be positive if we use the tools available.

Remember, you can always switch a direction and vent when others are scared. It is a question of character, whether we preserve or not. Time to find out what you are made of! :-)


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Mateo is an influential speaker, energetic conversationalist, and inspirational, resilient thinker. He helps teams revisit the topics of energy, positivity, and resilience. In this way, we can craft new experiences, strenghten organizations and build optimistic communities.

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It is time to embrace your path of a positive leader. Listen to other stories and get inspired again. You do not have to go alone, go with others! Recharge and engage boldly again!

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