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Being a Human Connector Will Enrich Your Personal and Business Life

self-leadership Aug 02, 2023

When you go from me to us, you will start seeing massive results in your life.

This is what I realized, when I started seeing my life quality improve.

It did not happen immediately, but I knew, with enough time and effort, I can see shifts. As a kid I used to be introverted and I did not enjoy meeting new people. Now, when I think about it, it took me almost 30 years to really enjoy reaching out to strangers, asking for help and commitment.

Yes, it will take time, but if you do it, you will have the most rewarding life ever and will be brave to take bolder actions.

1. Prioritize connecting with others - it is easy to prfioritize other work, and other relationships, but you need to know, that the impact you create depends on others.

2. Be interested - many people try to be interesting, rather than being interested! Asking questions and try to figure what interests others is a way to tap into people's interests and know how to influence.

3. Align and influence - influence comes with knowledge of what others need. When we can provide that, we can be helpful and we can add value which is the number one thing!

So, be bold and prioritize human relationships. You can start practising on your friends and family, and then move out to the other circle of friends, all the way to strangers.