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Habits You Need to Build to Manage Stress & Anxiety

self-leadership Oct 11, 2023

Many people do not have strong habits, and when the storm hits, they break. We all have choices and can decide to manage our lives well! Are you ready to build up your life again?

Sometimes, you got to take a deep breath.

A great life requires positivity, perseverance, and mental stamina to keep reaching higher and going further.

Whether you are a performance athlete and free diver who broke multiple world records, Alessia Zecchini, or a stay home mom. You got a mission.

Every mission is about stretching yourself; you do not know what impact you will create, but you know that you will try, stretch, and do one step at a time.

Today, do not give in to the naysayers; do not let your potential (stress, anxiety) be diminished by small thinking or squandered by inaction. Yes, progressing, stretching, and constantly challenging yourself is uncomfortable.

  • It is you against you, it is you against your will, and you against your human nature.
  • So, let's go this week and make things happen; let's go this week and shine your light.
  • Let us go this week and try to reach just a bit further. We got this.

You can beat yourself up for not progressing, or progressing too slowly, or the place you work, perhaps the partner you are with, or you can be grateful.

Why would you?

Because every place you work and every partner you have is an opportunity to learn to improve and improve. Yes, you choose where you work and the partner you date.

That is why realizing you got time, and you got to move forward with agency and boldness. If you feel unhappy, you are not a tree and must stick to where you are.

However, sometimes, that is precisely what you must do to avoid running away and figuring out that your life is good. And you need to be a tad more grateful.

This is precisely where gratitude comes in, take a couple of breaths and realize, where were you 5 years ago?

  • Did you know you ended up here?
  • Did you know you might do that type of work?
  • Did you know you might date such a person?

Most likely, you did not, and yet here you are…

So, be grateful; we learn our whole life, so give yourself some grace!