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5 Values to Help to Adjust to a New Culture as an Expat

self-leadership Jul 05, 2023

Today I want to serve, I want to help, I want to build, and I want to make an impact! That is your mantra as you go abroad, as you move countries.

It is never to late to be who you might have been. - George Elliot

When we move to a new country, we might struggle to accustom to the new rules, to the new language and generally people being a bit different.

We might tend to try to stay rigid in our own ways and impose our way of thinking on others. The way forward is to embrace couple values, which will make you stronger, and make it easier for you to adjust to the new culture.

You got to embrace these mantras:

  1. Be empathizer - If you want that others emphathize with you, you got to empathize with them, isn't that the golden rule? Yet many, are too focused on trying to impose their culture on others and do not stop to be kind to a stranger, as they expect, everybody has to get them.
  2. Optimist - in a new culture, people will likely hang out with you more, when you are not a grouchy and pessimistic person. When you lighten others and bring the fire in the room, things will shift for you.
  3. Coach - You will have to have the patience to go through feedback. Go through endless obstacles, and rejections. Only, when you are kind enough to yourself to give up your pride and attitude, you will start to learn to accept, that we are not perfect and we have to let go of our old ways.
  4. Peace Keeper - Many times, you will be in situations, where you will have to let go of your anger and you will be called to keep peace in the group. If you can act as a peace-keeper and linchpin, people will appreciate you. All the drama will have no place when people hang out. It is a superpower.
  5. Self-Believer - Nobody will believe in you, but you. People can cheer you on, keep you going, but only you have to find deeper believe to go, to strive, to show the world, that you aim to go higher than humanly possible. You have a mission and the mission is greatness, and making an impact.

As an expat, you have an important mission. You are gathering intel from the new country, you are learning new habits and making yourself better, more accepting and open-minded human being. 

The way forward is to carry the torch of kindness, inspiration and cultural lesson and inspire others!

You can make an impact with your light! :-)

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