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3 Quick Reminders to Become Antifragile

self-leadership Jun 23, 2023


The secret to high performance and athletes is they can take lots of punches. It’s the level of training they pursue. They became indestructible; they were not born like that; see the difference! They train through boredom, tough times, and the times you want to give up.

a. Learn to pause and observe what’s happening.

Sometimes, you might not have the luxury and need to decide on a spot, but even a sudden hesitation to delay your reaction can be what you need.

b. Recognize that hardship for what it is.

It’s not there to destroy you. It’s meant to build a diamond, and you are one! Be like the coffee bean that shapes the environment when boiled in hot water.

…. It’s your journey, so take your time.

Not everyone decides to become a diamond, but those who do have to pay the price of walking the path less traveled. If you want to withstand the difficulties, you will have to put your mind to the game. Once you do, you’ll become grittier. Just like progress comes in spurts, be patient with your development. It’s not immediately visible, but it’s 100% there

…Trust the struggle!

c. Use pressure to your advantage.

Just like a daily workout can strengthen the bones, improve the cardiovascular system, and release BDFN (brain-derived, neurotrophic factor / good feeling hormones), pressure can make you a better human being.