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How to Progress a Career and Tips from the Startup World

self-leadership Jul 24, 2023

Many of us are career fanatics, but we do not think so often about the consequences of one path over another.

Here are three lessons from my career:

1) Experiment - learn to be nimble and try different approaches

Experimenting is the way to go forward. Especially, when it comes down to trying multiple paths. In my earlier years, my focus was to experiment and find what I really like. It is one approach, but you need to constantly listen to what you like and where you want to go.

2) Do not be afraid to fail - lessons need to be learned, and do not drag the mistakes

The whole notion of failure is overrated.
a. We just need to gather enough courage to remind ourselves, that without adventure, there is no reward. 

b. We have to stop overthinking and be afraid of other people think. Yes, it is uncomfortable to get feedback and be trolled. Nobody likes it as we are social animals, but we cannot lead our lives and let others dictate, how we should live.

3) Be bold - know that boldness comes results, and with results come more lessons learned.

Take action, that is the bread and the butter. We can think, we can plan, we can brainstorm. Nothing compares to matching our plan with reality. We have to be bold to take action and try.

So, are you ready today to take a bold action?

Here are my favorite principles to get started.