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3 Ways to Be An Influencer and Networker

self-leadership Jun 08, 2023

The only way forward today is through networking and being a good influencer. In today’s world, we need to learn to network, go out of our comfort zone a bit more, and choose to be braver despite the setbacks.

If you meet me, my first reaction will likely be, can I introduce you to someone? Do you want to join my mastermind?

Here are 3 ways how to be an effective influencer and networker.

1. Be positive

The first thing you need to remember when influencing others is your level of positive energy. Many are unaware of this and default to their ‘usual selves’ being mild, sour, or even pessimistic. Nobody will want to hang out with you if you are a pessimistic grouch.

2. Determination, consistency, and patience

You got time to connect with great people. But it would help if you also had determination and consistency and kept showing up daily. People will gravitate towards you if they see consistency and good values and can trust that your intentions are pure.

3. Take action, be uncomfortable and play the long game

Speaking with new people or contacting someone you haven’t spoken to is uncomfortable. Yet, it can bring the level of relationships in your life, increasing happiness, quality of life, and fun.

So, go out of your comfort zone today, network, and join us if you need new faces around you. To give you a head start, you can consider a support material.

Everything in your life depends on the action, if you want to get faster to your goal, then here some suggestions.

So, go out of your comfort zone today, network, and join me on the growth journey. Let it continue! :-)

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