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 If you are here, you are a high performer, perhaps not having a family yet, just starting one, or juggling multiple things. You might look for inspiration, a guide to gain energy, and tips and inspiration.

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 Change is inevitable,
and yet we fight it every time

We all go through change- new jobs, moving countries, changing industries, starting our own business. Change can get messy and scary; you need heaps of courage. Keeping our integrity, passionate approach, and enthusiasm can be challenging just by ourselves. It might feel like no one gets us.

Do you need a fresh perspective?

As high achievers, we often get where we planned(and often also not), BUT at what costs? We can lose our cool, get stuck, feel like we lost track of progress, and fail to slow down in pursuit of shiny objects and internal satisfaction and overwork.

I failed at all of those things...

Our objectives?

  • Sometimes, we want to climb higher than others.
  • Go further to prove ourselves and stretch to achieve goals.¬†
  • We are good at taking ownership but¬†can lose drive and motivation on the journey.
  • Often,¬†our gut tells us¬†what to do, but we do not always listen.
  • Even if our spreadsheets tell a different story, we might need a reassuring perspective,¬†listening to¬†someone in the same situation and saying they understand.¬†


= Grip + Grit

Many achievers want more from life than the average person. Why? Because, that is how we are build as human beings. 

  • That is why we reach for higher roles, more responsibility, bigger titles, and more impact.
  • We have a switched-on mindset, follow values like integrity, openness, transparency, and kindness, and are present, curious, and generous with our time to help others.
  • We have lots of¬†drive to do something extraordinary with¬†our lives. However, we might need a new perspective, ignite motivation, pour our purpose in the right direction, and hear how others struggled and overcame it.
  • BUT, we might be tired...
  • We¬†might need to re-activate, recharge to be able to climb higher, and get ready for the next challenge!
  • Simultaneously,¬†we¬†need to improve at coping with stress by tapping into the positive leader's capabilities¬†and realizing we have time to get where we got, just need to be a bit more patient with ourselves!¬†

 Mateo's Story

I was fascinated by the expat life for a long time until, in my teens, I made it a reality and moved abroad. I networked, met with many people, and tried to understand what makes us unique as humans.

I felt frustrated and often defeated, and I could not understand why people (like myself) strive just by themselves.
I ventured out, left my comfort zone and started reaching out to CEOs, CFOs, and Directors to understand if they felt lonely on the top. And yes, to no surprise, many are. 

I started to explore this topic of personal leadership more. The magic that happened repeatedly when I, chose the harder route, improved my energy, took more ownership and strengthen my resilience - I started radiating and experiencing more of the 'AHA' moments.

More I worked on my, more I bacame better at influencing others and getting what I want. 

Perhaps you want to take a brave step and connect, then reach out via LinkedIn. ;-)



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