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Learning Roadmaps 

Manage your habits to deal with uncertainty, stress, and obstacles, be the anchor for others in the ever-changing world, and be a magnetic person.

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Tools You Need To Build A Successful Shiny Character

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves? We live in turbulent times, and many have to deal with uncertainties daily.

It can also be our work, which is uncertain, or our relationships, which start to break down. It is also most likely when we try to level up and improve our abilities. We might feel trapped in our old ways of doing things.

The thing is, what got you here will not get you to the next level! Will it? You have to trust yourself and that what you are doing has limits.

Jumping off the hamster wheel might seem complicated, but necessary. It costs you more in the long run to stress out...

What is your Story?

Perhaps you always knew and wanted to have a happy life, so you worked hard to and perhaps even moved abroad, took on a new job challenge, or tried to build a better life for yourself and your family. You knew it wouldn't be easy. You were not prepared for what waited for you. 

At some times, you might feel frustrated and often defeated. But you never gave up. 

You ventured out, went out of your comfort zone, and it brought you so far. Now, you have paused and thought about how to go further. You feel like you need to look at things from a different perspective.

Are you ready to pause and actively learn to gain a new perspective?

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We all struggle...

Positive character is not something you grew up with, did you? Do not despair; with consistency and exposure to positivity, you can start seeing changes and improvements.

You can get new insights and open your eyes to new potential and possible improvement in your positivity and leadership.

Today you are here, and you are building your story, perhaps, it is just the perspective you need! Are you ready to jump?:-)

Shine positivity

Positive Character

Learning Roadmaps

Grow as an energetic leader, Manage stress effectively, and Inspire resilient leadership

This is for you if:

You want to apply proven principles, feel lost and need a hand, and plan to improve your life holistically with patience and work within 12 months

You are ready to build routine and discipline and try something new. You want to become more positive, successful, and balanced and more positive and hopeful about the future

Learning Roadmaps

As individuals or a group, we need a curriculum that is engaging and fun, but also one that is adaptive to your needs, and you can learn tiny nano skills with the turtle approach.

1. Each nano skill provides a unique learning opportunity.

2. Emphasizes the key concepts with different tools

3. Strengthen your team through a cohort-based discussion.



Positive Leader

For Wellbeing at Work

Individual OR Cohort


A positive leader is everybody's business, and the time for positivity is now.

 A learning roadmap for individuals or groups designed to boost well-being - energy, positivity, and resilience. The focus is on reducing stress., improving leadership, and gaining a fresh perspective.

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Develop leader habits and consistency with the way of the turtle approach

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