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If you are here, you might look for a like-minded person or group to get you or a program to refresh some basics. But more importantly, not to feel alone.

Change is hard, and it can get very messy and scary, and you need heaps of courage. Keeping our integrity, passionate approach, and enthusiasm can be challenging all by yourself.

We can lose our cool, fail to build the career we wanted, or perhaps want to go further and feel like we do not know how. Again, because we are doing it alone and think we are powerless.

It is hard to listen to others telling us what to do. But we learn the best when we are inspired and listen to other people's stories.

Often, we know better what to do, but yet might miss the needed perspective, someone listening to our troubles and saying they understand.

Today is about that perspective. Are you ready to be brave, just like I did a while ago, and decided not to go any more alone and strive just by myself?

Then, I invite you to re-ignite your resilience and strengthen your values.

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Mateo's Story

I always knew I wanted to grow, so I worked hard to become the first person in my family to move abroad. From a traditional Eastern European conservative country, I knew it wouldn't be easy. I was not prepared for what waited for me.

The journey has unfolded and brought lots of unexpected surprises and lessons.

I felt frustrated and often defeated. Learning new languages and having three jobs to pay for my studies. But I never gave up. Where I come from, we never give up, no matter what.

So, I would like to share my journey:
- Living in 4 different countries,
- Competing in Pro-Bodybuilding and Obstacle races
- Building a startup and hiring 60 people
- My 20 years of corporate experience.

I ventured out, left my comfort zone and connected with other unique and like-minded leaders. I decided to stop striving only on my own and created various networking groups like the Business Future Mastermind. 

The different groups I have forged have helped me immensely: Gain ninja friends, build wisdom and take a long-term perspective.

 So, who is Mateo?

Mateo is a certified high-performance fitness, health and freediving coach.

Mateo is a conversationalist and a challenge; he constantly pushes the boundaries and challenges others to raise their positivity levels.


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